CERTIFICACIONES DEL PERÚ S.A., is a private company with forty years in the market, dedicates to offer inspection services, sampling, testing, products certification and management systems.
It provides services as body of third party with technical support of its Inspection Body (IB) Testing Laboratories (LE), Products Certification Body (OCP) and Systems Certification Body (OCS).
Since its beginning CERPER was related to hydrobiological sector, particularly fish meal, pioneer of this product in the field of Certification and Testing.
Subsequently, CERPER extends its action field to other economic sectors in which it participates and has the following divisions that represents the most important business units:
hover Fishing Division hover Environmental Division hover Agro Industrial Division hover Agricultural Division hover Avian Division
For the development of its operations, CERPER has its main headquarter in Callao, as well as in provinces, Operative Units and/or Regional Offices are located in Tumbes, Paita, Chicama, Chimbote, Supe, Huacho, Lima, Pisco and Ilo.
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