Certification is a conformity assessment activity through a Certification Body issues a written guarantee by means of which a product, procedure or service fulfils the specific requirements. As a result, the certification is a way of giving a conformity guarantee to a product following the regulations and other normative documents. The certification becomes into a certificate.

The certificate is a document issued pursuant to regulations of a certification system which demonstrates enough level of confidence of a product, procedure or service duly identified which is subject to regulations or another specified normative document.

Certification significance
The certification is a trading indisputable advantage that increases the level of business competitiveness, and reinforcing the market and the contact with the client. Besides it supports the international trade, and guarantees goods and services: moreover supports the relationship between clients and suppliers
List of services :
  • • Certificate of Quality Management System
      hover ISO 9001 hover ISO 14001 hover OHSAS 18001  
      hover BPM hover HACCP hover GAP  
  • • Certificates of Inspection
  • • Certificates of Conformity Products (Conformity Trademarks)
  • • Homologación de Proveedores
  • • Certificación de Pyme´s
  • • Certification of canned anchovy.
  • • Certification of canned anchovy in tomatoes sauce.
  • • Certification of Evaporated milk.
  • • Certification of UHT milk.
  • • Certification of Fortified mix of cereals and legumes.
  • • Health Certification of Fishing products as Support Entity of Health Authority: SANIPES – ITP.
  • • Health Certification of Food as Support Entity of Health Authority: DIGESA.
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